Welcome to The Awards 2024

The Awards was founded in 2022 by Joe DeSimone and has been going strong ever since under the stewardship of the current Coordinator, Nico MacDougall. It is an independent TTRPG awards show dedicated to finding the weirdest shit out there and bringing it to you, the tabletop enthusiast.

Unlike other award shows, The Awards doesn’t have categories or rankings. Tabletop role-playing games are a holistic medium, composed of writing, layout, visual art, recorded media, physical artifacts, and so much more, so why would we try to separate out each of those elements to be judged individually?

Each year, a new panel of judges instead sifts through the submissions we collect and chooses 20 submissions to win. They use all sorts of considerations to evaluate submissions, but in the end the 20 winners represent the best of the best (according to that group of 8-12 people).

A magenta spherical creature with many eyes and a bucktoothed, dimpled smile. The eyes are pink and surrounded in light teal green.
Our 2024 Mascot, as yet unnamed.

The logo, colors, and mascot for The Awards 2024 were created by Sporgory.

A graffiti-style logo for Void Legend